Glass Low Table by Peter Ghyczy,1970s


3800 LEI




W 120 / D 70 / H 45 cm


The table is made from glass and sand cast brass which was hand cast by skilled craftsmen in the Netherlands. The brass has typical characteristics of the casting process and only some parts are polished.
After the Hungarian revolution Peter Ghyczy left Hungary to settle in West-Germany. With a degree in architecture, Peter Ghyczy started to work for plastic producer Reuter in Lemförde. In 1968, as a head of design department at Reuter, he aimed to design „independent and unique pieces of furniture”. The main and most famous product of that period is the ‘Garden Egg’ chair. This chair gained iconic status and was shown at many design exhibitions around the world. In 1972 he founded his own company where he started his first furniture collection. It was based on casting techniques which he transferred from plastic to metal. He patented many of his developments, e.g his innovative method of clamping glass and metal together. He used this technique for a new type of „frameless” table, which has often been copied and which he used as a basis for an entire product line. He also patented his „frameless” shelf R03 which made its way into many furniture stores. Peter Ghyczy’s Netherlands based studio to this day continues to offer contemporary innovative products combined with state of the art production techniques.